Who we are

Who we are

Wirral Domestic Abuse Alliance is a formal partnership between a range of statutory authorities and voluntary organisations. The Alliance oversees delivery of the Wirral Council's Domestic Abuse No Excuse Strategy

The group is chaired by Involve North West Justine Molyneux.  



The Alliance is currently set up in five working groups:

What we do: The purpose of this group is to identify what we do as a partnership: define and co-ordinate the partnership offer for domestic abuse, publish clear pathways for support, establish a hub and satellite access model, oversee commissioning arrangements, identify gaps in services and suggest solutions, co-ordinate the education offer for children and young people on domestic abuse and healthy relationships

How well we do it (for people): the purpose of this group is to ensure we get it right for our residents, formalise partnership voice groups for victims, survivors, perpetrators, children and young people, friends and family; continue co-production activity; provide peer support; prepare people to participate in other subgroups and/or Change Board.

How well we do it (for professionals): The purpose of this group is to invest into our professionals, lead on workforce development programme; devise and co-ordinate the no wrong door approach for domestic abuse; identify gaps in workforce knowledge, such as safety planning, using screening tools, referring to Right to Ask and Right to Know, etc and co-ordinate training/learning opportunities; proactively engage with the workforce to convey their experience.

What difference it makes: The purpose of this group is to allow us to ensure what we do has an impact, oversee and monitor performance information; undertake audit activity; develop, roll out and review satisfaction surveys; provide case studies and content for an annual report; highlight what’s working and what isn’t; implement the Outcomes Star for domestic abuse.

The Domestic Abuse Change Board: make decisions; provide influence- policy, strategy, partnerships, resources, lobbying; allocate resource; lead campaign work; respond to items for resolution from the 4 subgroups; lead system learning.

Each group meets every six weeks and responds to the Domestic Abuse Change Board.

Each subgroup of the domestic abuse alliance is made up of professionals working within services across the partnership, and lay members. Lay members are members of the community who have experienced domestic abuse within their life who can offer their feelings, thoughts and experiences in order shape future provision.

We are looking for lay members to join our domestic abuse alliance. If you can spare two hours every six weeks please email wecantalkaboutit@wirral.gov.uk