How you can help

How you can help

We want Wirral to be a place where as few people as possible are affected by domestic abuse, but those who are can get help to end the abuse and go on to live the lives they want.

We hope to turn our ambition into a reality by focussing on five priorities:

  1. Be there when we’re needed
  2. Increase safety for those at risk, without adding to their trauma
  3. Reduce opportunities for perpetrators to abuse
  4. Support people to live the lives they want after harm occurs
  5. A better, kinder future for the next generation

Community Alliance Supporters

The Domestic Abuse Alliance is looking for Community Alliance Supporters who will pledge to our five key outcomes. As a community supporter you would commit to report domestic abuse if you see it happening to ensure the safety of victims and survivors across the Wirral. In return you will receive a quarterly news letter from the Domestic Abuse Alliance to keep you informed of the work being undertaken here in Wirral to achieve our five key outcomes.

If you would like to sign up to be a Community Alliance Supporter please email your pledge to

Domestic Abuse No Excuse Awareness

We are aware that survivors of domestic abuse will have suffered at least 50 incidents before they report it to the authorities (SaveLives), however sometimes they will speak to family, friends, or workers such as hairdressers, taxi drivers, beauticians ext. At times it is difficult to understand what domestic abuse, including coercive control looks like and how you can best support the survivor.

We would like to raise awareness within small businesses across the Wirral so that employers and employees can understand the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse in their clients / staff and are able to signpost safely to services within the community to support and protect survivors.

We would offer a one hour domestic abuse awareness training video which can be done in a time that best suits you. The video will include signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, how to support safety of survivors, services within the Wirral to signpost. At the end of the video you will be sent a small quiz to confirm your knowledge and understanding. You will be awarded a Domestic Abuse Aware certificate for your business.

Should you wish to complete this training please email

Domestic Abuse Champions

Coming soon

Share your experiences

Have you or someone close to you experienced domestic abuse, did you use domestic abuse services here within Wirral, or did you not feel that there was support for you. Are you someone whose behaviour harms others.

We are asking members of the community to share their story with the Domestic Abuse Alliance (this can be anonymous). We will use the experiences of survivors and their families and people who harm to audit our services in Wirral, identify any gaps in services and shape future service provision.

If you are happy to share your experience please email

Join us

If you would like to be involved, you can: