Support for victims and survivors

Support for victims and survivors

There are a range of services and agencies that can give advice and support to victims, or even just be someone to talk to. These services can signpost victims to wider support services and/or obtain their help, if required. Each entry is listed with letters to indicate that they provide support for men (M), women (W) or children & young people (C).   


Domestic Abuse Specialist Support  


Merseyside Police | W/M/C

Call 999 (emergencies) or call 101 (non-emergencies) or report a crime online 

The Police will ensure that priority is given to helping the victims of domestic abuse remain in their familiar home environments.  A key principle will be that wherever possible (and always in high risk situations) they will seek to remove the perpetrator from the household situation, allowing couples, families, children and individuals to move forward with the least amount of disruption to their life.

Work is ongoing to identify the hidden victims of domestic abuse who are otherwise unknown to services; this includes domestic abuse advisors based in hospitals.  Victims presenting at hospitals suffer more severe abuse, are not likely to be engaged with any other services and are more likely to still be living with the perpetrator. The Police’s aim is to 'get it right first time' by providing support and clear referral pathways for victims, professionals, friends and families.  


National Domestic Violence Helpline | W 

Call 0808 2000 247 - 24 hours

Helpline for women experiencing domestic violence, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf. The Helpline is staffed by fully trained female helpline support workers and volunteers. All calls are completely confidential. Translation facilities for callers whose first language is not English and a service for callers who are deaf or hard of hearing are available. 


ManKind Initiative | M 

Call 01823 334244 - 10am to 4pm, weekdays

A confidential helpline for all men across the UK suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse by their current or former wife or partner (including same-sex partners). 


Family Safety Unit | W/M

Call 0151 666 4914

Family Safety Unit is a team of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) providing independent and impartial advice to any high risk victim of domestic abuse. 


The Lighthouse Centre | W

Call 0151 644 4839 or email  

The Lighthouse Centre is a person centred approach to Domestic Abuse and will support individuals and families in their own journey through Domestic Abuse. Drop-in’s 8.30am to 4pm for anyone seeking a safe space, listening ear and practical support in relation to Domestic Abuse. 'My Time Your Time' to meet others, form friendships and get support. Monday - 9am to 11am Wednesday - 1pm to 3pm. Mentoring Coffee Morning Friday - 9am to 11am. 


Next Chapter | W

Call 07368 601367 or email  

Next Chapter (NWCIC) can offer tailored support to anyone who has been affected by domestic abuse. We have created a 'journey' for our service users to embark on, support can be shaped and guided by you, for the length of time and at a pace that's suitable, convenient and safe for you. The aim is to increase personal and physical safety, empowering victims to explore their options with an open mind, to meet with others who have experienced similar experiences in a self and co-care environment.

Our programmes and 1:1 support aim to improve mental and emotional well-being as well as providing opportunities for further training and future employment. Programmes include, IGNITE, Gateway, WEA, Developing positive communication, Managing Me and wellness and nutrition. 

For more information visit our website:


Tomorrow's Women Wirral (TWW) | W 

Call 0151 647 7907 

TWW is a charity providing a supportive women-only environment to aid women in making positive lifestyle changes. With a mixture of free interventions, courses and activities available, there is a huge array of support on offer for women who want to make better choices for their future with confidentiality and non-judgement, including women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse and need a safe space to go to.

Tomorrow’s Women produces a monthly timetable which is currently accessible only by booking in advance through admin on 0151 647 7907. Timetables can be found on our website:


Tomorrow’s Young Women | W 

A project to guide young women aged 14 - 17

Tomorrow’s Young Women offers young women aged 14 - 17 support, workshops, and activities to make positive lifestyle choices and offer support with issues in areas such as healthy relationships, alcohol and substance misuse, mental health.

Do you need to have a chat about your mental health and your feelings? 

Want some advice about your relationship - maybe something doesn’t feel right, or you are feeling controlled? 

Are you ready to start looking to your future and want some practical support with training and next steps? 

Tomorrow’s Young Women is operating Monday evenings 4.30pm - 7pm at the Tomorrow’s Women: Wirral Centre, where you can meet with a member of the team in person of chat over the phone for an initial registration, and then have full access to the project. 

For more information contact:  or call 0151 647 7907


Paul Lavelle | M

Support line call 0151 651 3777 - please note: this is not a crisis line. General / Office enquiries call 0151 294 4176 or email or visit the website

We offer therapeutic support to males who feel they are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. 1:1 appointment slots are available with our therapeutic advisors who offer a non-judgemental listening ear, emotional support, advice and guidance as well as sign posting to other support agencies if necessary. We also offer legal support with legal family matters delivered by our legal partner firm. 


JourneyMen | M 

Call 0151 792 9159 or email or visit the website 

JourneyMEN’s service is unique to the Wirral. We enable men to resolve their issues. We help them on their journey to get the help they need. Our services have been developed by people with lived experience of mental health struggles and are shaped and developed by the people we are working with (our men, volunteers, staff, Board members and external stakeholders). 

JourneyMEN strives to save and rebuild men’s lives that would otherwise be lost to mental health crises. Our aim is to provide an early intervention service that works across our community, actively channelling support for men before crisis point.

We offer a range of activities for our men from Walk and Talk, Gardening, Photography and Walking Football to help them increase the social aspect and engage with others to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. 

We also offer the Gateway Programme on a 1:1 basis which is designed to give the individual the knowledge and understanding of the impact and dynamics of an abusive and controlling relationship and the tools required to make safer and more informed choices for future relationships.


Gateway Programme | M/W 

The Programme, delivered through Wirral’s Children’s Centres by trained facilitators, is built upon the principle of respect and empowerment while raising awareness of the impact and dynamics of controlling relationships.  The aim is to raise awareness within a risk managed programme, encouraging safer and informed choices for the future; working with both female and male victims. 

Further information about services available can be found on the My Child Can Facebook page


Freedom Programme | M/W 

Call 01942 262 270 

Freedom Programme is a domestic abuse programme primarily designed for women as victims of domestic abuse. When the programme is provided as an intensive two-day course, it is also suitable for men, whether abusive and wishing to change their attitudes and behaviour, or whether victims of same sex domestic abuse themselves. Find a course in Wirral (online courses are also available). 


RASA Merseyside | M/W/C 

Call 0151 666 1392 - Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm, Thursdays 6pm to 8pm, Fridays 12 to 2pm.

RASA  supports adults and children from the age of three years, of any gender, who have been sexually abused or raped, or who has been affected by sexual violence at any time in their lives. They offer emotional support, counselling, advocacy and other services to help survivors in ways that work for them. They also work with non-offending family and friends of survivors. 


Savera UK | W 

Call 0800 107 0726 - 9am to 5pm, weekdays 

Savera is a national service working with Black Minority Ethnic communities and specifically women who are at risk of domestic abuse and harmful practices such as honour-based violence (HBV), female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage. 


Karma Nirvana | W/M/C 

Call 0800 5999 247 - UK Helpline, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday 

Karma Nirvana offers practical and emotional support to male and female victims of forced marriage and honour-based abuse across the UK. 


Men’s Advice Line (Respect) | M 

Call 0808 801 0327 - 9am to 5pm weekdays. A confidential men’s advice line, email and web chat service for male victims of domestic violence and those supporting them. email and web chat service for male victims of domestic violence and those supporting them, run by Respect.

Also providing telephone interpreters for individuals whose first language isn’t English and a Next Generation Text Service facility for individuals who can’t hear or speak on the phone. 


Young Person Support  

LADS Project | C (male) 

A 6 week developmental programme for males aged 13-19, run by Wirral Council’s Targeted Youth Support Service.  

The project aims to reduce alcohol and drug misuse; reduce harmful and abusive relationships and raise aspirations and in relation to healthy lifestyles and choices. Referral forms can be obtained from Jamie Greer on 0151 666 3715.  

A young person (or their parent/carer on their behalf) seeking referral to the project should discuss this with their youth worker, teacher, social worker or family support worker, if applicable. 


G.I.R.L.S. Self-Development Project | C (female) 

An 8 week developmental programme for females aged 13-19, run by Wirral Council’s Targeted Youth Support Service.

The project aims to reduce risk taking behaviour, strengthen resilience to peer pressure and abusive relationships and to raise aspirations in relation to healthy lifestyles and choices. There is also a junior G.I.R.L.S. project for girls aged 8-13.

Referral forms can be obtained from Shiralea Coldicott on 0151 666 3706. A young person (or their parent/carer on their behalf) seeking referral to the project should discuss this with their youth worker, teacher, social worker or family support worker, if applicable. 


Leapfrog | W/C 

Call 0151 644 4500 - 9am to 5pm, weekdays or email  

Run by Involve North West, the Leapfrog programme runs for 10 weeks during term-time with separate groups for children and their mums that run in parallel. The groups provide an opportunity to explore their experiences, understanding and feelings, with an emphasis on providing fun and creative activities that keep children engaged in learning.

It is a safe place for children and their mums to help each other to find the best strategies to deal with their experiences and rebuild their lives.

Mums cannot be in the abusive relationship at the time and the perpetrator must not be living in the family home. 


Other support services  



WEB Merseyside is a community-based service provider that has provided support women and girls (since 1993) and men and boys (since 2010) with complex needs. WEB’s aims are to provide a high-quality service to such women, men, and children which:  

  • Provides time, space, and flexible support to help them regain confidence and self-esteem 
  • Opportunities to explore personal choices to support their personal growth.   
  • Promote opportunities for personal growth and skills development to enable them to get more from life. 

WEB does this in a variety of ways, including one to one therapeutic counselling for both adults and children; one to one listening appointments; weekly group activities to promote improved confidence, self-esteem and reduced isolation; therapeutic group work to support people to explore their feelings in a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment and early help family support, empowering families to make positive changes, providing them with the tools they need to face life’s difficulties.   


Wirral Change | M/W 

Call 0151 649 8177 

Wirral Change provides a range of services to support disadvantaged and Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Wirral. 


Homelessness - Wirral Council Homelessness & Housing Options Team | M/W 

Call 0151 666 5511 - 9am to 5pm weekdays or email 

A homelessness and housing options advice service to discuss the housing options that may be available to a domestic abuse survivor such as safe emergency refuge accommodation, emergency temporary accommodation or securing alternative accommodation.

When approaching the Homelessness & Housing Options Team a request can be made to have an interview with an officer of the same sex, and the situation will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially by sympathetic team members who are experienced in dealing with such situations. The Team will need to make appropriate enquiries and obtain information from the Police, relevant GP, or any other agency involved.